At Tangora, we have developed advanced technology over the years and established methods for our teams to ensure that digitalisation of working procedures provides an invaluable learning process for our customers. In a nutshell, our method is based on 4 pillars.


What is the best way to start digitalisation of business processes? Often, it is best to start with a smaller, limited digitalisation initiative, which then spreads like ripples in a pond. It is not necessary to start big – the important thing is to get started


With the gradual build-up of our customers’ digital understanding, we often discover a different, more natural path to digitalisation than what we originally assumed. This is normal, since many work processes and procedures compensate for deficiencies and weaknesses that are eliminated through digitalisation. Digital initiatives are therefore most effective when implemented gradually, and the problem area is best mapped underway by identifying the parts of the value chain where processes require most resources, are slowest, most manual or have the most faults.


All products are based on Tangora’s unique adjustment software that allows easy implementation of changes – even late in the project. Equally important, is that the technology makes it easy to try different things at the beginning of the project, thus minimising the work associated with revisions and mock-ups. This flexibility ensures a productive and agile digitalisation. Tangora's customers can always keep track of the progress – day by day.


Tangora’s unique technologies lead to a modular and secure design of the digital tools, which are updated automatically. The fact is that Tangora has never left a customer with a technically obsolete solution – even customers that Tangora acquired more than 12 years ago are always being updated to the latest version.

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